I’ve spent 60% of my phone battery on…

looking up Shippit.com contact number yesterday! It’s a frustrating story. After Life InStyle Shippit sent all the exhibitors an email to promote themselves. I thought maybe I can give it a go so I ordered a courier pick up to send my stocks to a shop in South Australia. I’ve waited for 2 days but no one came to pick up the parcels so I started to panic a little bit coz I am flying to Melbourne in the afternoon. On my way to the airport I’ve looked everywhere on the Shippit website but I couldn’t find a contact number. I’ve googled this business. I even went to the government business website to look it up but they just don’t have a contact number! The only way to contact them is by leave message on their website or send them email. I’ve wasted half of my day to look for their number but at the end all I can do is to leave a message on the website and their Facebook page hoping someone will see my message and sort things out for me.

It’s an important lesson to learn here. As a small business or ANY business. You have to make yourself look responsible. By putting your contact number somewhere obvious on the website it gives your customers a little bit of trust to your business. An email address and a contact number are almost the must have for a service oriented business. If your business is a great business no one is going to call you anyway but having your contact details there makes people feel you’re taking responsibility. After the experience I have yesterday all I can think of about Shippit was they don’t give a shit about small business.

My story didn’t ended here yesterday. (What?!) When I was dealing with all this crap a customer from Taiwan complaint she hasn’t received her order. I am so sick and tired of my overseas customers not receiving their orders. I don’t know what and where the problem is. All I know is every now and then I have orders missing. As a small business we can only afford to pay that much for postage. (and it takes a month to arrive?! shocking!) Anything else like overseas registered post or express post is way too expensive for us to cope. So it’s either paying postage more expensive than the products or making customers angry. Either way the small businesses lose. Maybe it’s time someone can step up and do something? I don’t know but I am definitely looking for an alternative for my business.


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