Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the time of the year again! Everyone got panic what to get for their mums on Mother’s Day. It’s as difficult as Father’s Day because there’re too many ideas too many to choose! (Well for Father’s Day we have nothing much to choose from so it’s equally hard!)

Here’s a list of my Mother’s Day Gift guide from the Aussie talent!

Collage_Fotor copy.jpg

Get creative with mum! Why not book a screen printing class at Home-Work? Learn how to design and expose your own screens for printing with Lara Davies and Jess Wright from Home-Work 2 day class! This particular class is at Home-Work Brunswick studio but they offer a lot more classes in different places. Check out the details at their website!

I absolutely adore the bright colours accessories collection from the Kenzie Collective! They are perfect for your bright cheerful mum!

I am sure you have heard of pop up shops for many times but what about a pop up vase? This is such a clever idea! What you do is to simply make and slip the popup vase over the the old vase or any container and va-la here’s your pop up vase! Now I can get mum a pop up vase from the Skimmingstones for the flowers that I only got her once a year! She won’t be looking at an empty vase after mother’s day anymore!

If you are like my brother and my husband who are always so confused what to get mums. This beautiful hamper from Millie Moo Hampers is the perfect choice!

Ok what about a personalized key ring for mum? I have been in love with zilvi timber products for so long! All their custom plaque are amazing!

The Luxe Knot Cushion is a seriously cute cushion! Handmade by My Little Echo in Melbourne with different fabrics and materials. The Luxe Knot Cushion would suit any room for any mum!

Never too many accessories for the ladies! WA based Clay & Clasp is full of sweet beautiful accessories that I can’t resist! It’s like Alice in Wonderland. I have the love knot necklace and I was surprise how well it matches my T-shirt and different dresses! I am totally in love with Clay & Clasp!

Of course there’s something from me! My limited edition “there’s no one like you” mother’s day tea towel! What can I say? It’s just too good… lol…

I am sure there are much more products out there for mother’s day but I think 8 is quite enough for me. I can’t even make up my mind from 8 let alone thousands! But whatever you’re going to get mum, even a pack of chocolate, I am sure mums are happy to receive them!

/This is not a sponsored post. Only sharing things that I like.Thank you!/



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