New Prints!


I am so excited about my new prints! The look fantastic!

Do you know all my illustrations have a story behind? If you go to my website, you can see on my product description I usually write a little quote or something that explain why I drew that illustration. It is because I want my prints and products are not just a decoration piece at your home. I want them to mean something to you.

This week I have two new prints on my website.


Sweet Dreams is my a beautiful sweet illustration featuring a bunny sleeping on the back of a deer. It is sweet. It feels safe. I looks like little miss bunny is having a sweet dream. No matter what your dream is. Stay positive. Work hard and make your dream comes true.

Modern home decor with frame and interior objects, design ready poster mock-up

My second new print is Live Love Sparkle. The drawing was done last year for my best friend’s birthday present. It was printed on a mug without quote. When I was at the market few weeks ago a customer asked me if I can put some words on it. So I thought if I have to send this print to my friend what would I say to her? And Live Love Sparkle is exactly what I want to say. Fall in love. Have a laugh. Live your life full and don’t be afraid to sparkle.

Anyway, hope you like them!

Suki xx



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