Tea Towel Result!


Wow!! It’s been an exciting week here at our studio! I can never imagine so many people came along and participated in the voting for our tea towels!! Thank you VERY much!! You guys are amazing!

So we have the result here! You can see how close the votes are. Tea towels 3,4 and 7 received the same number of votes! The result was very different at its early stage but the Whale tea towel(Number 1) is a clear winner all the way!

These tea towels are all my babies. I couldn’t pick the best one without your help so thank you very much for your vote. I really appreciate it!


These 4 tea towels are our winners and we will be printing them soon! After printing we still need to cut and sew them so it will be still awhile until they are available.

Stay tuned! We will let you know as soon as they’re ready on our website!!

For those who have voted last week I will be mailing our calendars shortly. Please keep an eye on your letter box!

Thank you again!

Suki x

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