Finders Keepers


I can’t believe Finders Keepers was a week ago now! It felt like it was only yesterday!

We had a fantastic time at Finders Keepers! If you’re thinking about applying it? Go for it. It’s really worth it. If you have a lot of products like me. Maybe you should jump straight to a bigger stall. It’s much easier to plan and it looks so much better with a bigger stall! You will make your money back anyway so why not?

This is so small that I can’t even turn around! If I eat too much for breakfast I probably won’t fit in!!

Another thing I was really concern before the show was -how much stock should I bring? It said there were more than 9000 people came to the show last time! So I am really concern how much stock is enough? After three days of the market , I realized that unless you have a truck load of stocks it’s never going to be enough and you’ll never know what is going to sell best at the market. I sold out all the mugs the first night. I send message to my husband and asked him to print more mug so I can bring them in the next day! So the next day I brought in heaps of mugs and I sold NO MUGS! 😱 what the hell? I sold more than 60 prints on the second day and some of the prints were sold out. So I brought in more print the next day! And yes again I sold only a few prints. I sold mainly the cushions on Sunday! So the conclusion is YOU NEVER KNOW!


If you’re attending Finders Keepers the first time make sure you have your brand printed out big and bright. Make sure you have heaps of business cards. Plan your display at home at least 2 or 3 times at home. Make sure you can get in and out of your stall. Have a plan B. Finger crossed for you!!


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