Thank you 2016

2016 has been a very blessing year for us. This time last year I wouldn’t have imagine I have a shop of my own in Melbourne. Everything was just a fancy dream. I still remember when I read my 2016 fortune it said 2016 wasn’t going to be a great year for me. BUT. We worked hard to make things happen. It was a up and down journey house hunting in Melbourne. We flew down every fortnight looking for houses. Failed a few auction – Heart broken.

We were so worry about the “business” too. Are we doing the right thing. We went to a few markets here. Some good. Some bad. We arn’t sure we’ve made the right move. Or are we moving all the way to Melbourne to find a 9-5 job?

Change is scary but we have faith in ourselves.

Eventually we ended up where we need to be, with who we are meant to be with, and doing what we should be doing. We stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.

2016 was a fantastic exciting crazy year. We wish we can do better. There are so many things that we wished we have done more but we gave our best shot. We are very thankful with all the opportunities and all the wonderful people we met this year.

Thank you 2016!

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