My story – Hong Kong

Growing up in Hong Kong is very different than growing up in Australia. My husband and I always have discussion about which is a better place to grow up – Hong Kong? or Australia?

I have to admit Hong Kong has given me a lot of fun. When I was a kid I used to have heaps of snacks from Japan and other Asian countries which is not available in Australia. We have a lot of street food. We watched TV shows from around the world. We have double decker buses. We have the latest video games. We travel to other Asian countries for holiday in no time. It’s an incredible city for kids.

On the other hand growing up in Hong Kong was so much stressed. It felt like we were forever in competitions. We always have to be better, quicker, smarter than the others.  We started schools at 3 years of age while most of the kids start their school at 5 in Australia. I learn how to write my name when I was 3. I also knew how to write ABC and numbers. I am not saying it’s better. I am just saying it’s different.

Hong Kong is beautiful and unique in its own way. I love it.

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