How not to get personal


As you may know, 99% of the products in  the shop is my own design. My own art work. We even have machine to make them into products ourselves. I put my heart and soul in every single thing in the shop.

So when someone comes in and asks why don’t I sell expresso cups? Or why don’t I have placemat. And the look of their faces are like “what kind of shop is this? You don’t even have an expresso cup?” How can I not get personal?

The most random question I’ve got so far is if I sell bicycle bells? But I have to say the winner has to be this – do I sell mattress protector!

The first few times when I got questions like this I got quite upset. I guess it’s not the question upset me. It’s people’s reaction. (The what-kind-of-shop-is-this expression) Now I can laugh it off but it still hits me sometimes.

My husband keeps telling me to forget it. Don’t take it seriously. I know I know. Long time ago I read a book from my favourtie song writer and she said when she finished writing the song, how we, as the audience, interpreted the songs don’t bother her anymore. It’s up to us how to read the songs not her. That is so inspiring!

One afternoon an old lady pointed at my card and the cushion that have the cat and bird drawing on it and said “this is not a cat is it?” I looked at my husband I was like “WHAT?!” I just smiled and looked away. I let my husband handle it. If I have nothing better to say I better not say it.

I am still searching for a way to keep calm and not to get personal. Maybe I should make an appointment to see Dalai Lama (if he has time 😭) Maybe I should get professional help? Or maybe I should just not care anymore.

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