Behind the sense 

Last minute preparation. I was in a complete panic mode before I left for Hong Kong. I worked 20 hours a day for almost a week just to make sure the shop is perfect when Renee comes in on Friday. Although I worked extreamly hard before I go I still feel like I haven’t done enough. My office was like… how to describe… if someone walked in they would think the place’s been robbed. 😭 At the end I just couldn’t handle the stress anymore. It’s like you keep squeezing the barbecue sauce bottle but nothing come out. I realized you can only push yourself that far. The shop is my baby. So it’s hard for me to let go. But I have tried my best. The shop will be fine. I know. I probably over prepared. Over panic. Over react. 😫

The truth is, after all the panic and serious preparation, the first day I wasn’t at work, the lights are not on! Out of everything, it’s the electricity. Something that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have prepared.

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