One year in Melbourne


Today is our first anniversary in Melbourne. Technically we haven’t moved to Melbourne on the 17th but we were here on the 17th 2016 to sign the paper work of this house.

And it’s such a big deal!

We have been looking for houses in Melbourne for more than 6 months. Flying back and forth. Missing auctions after auctions. We were devastated. At some point we thought we’ve got our dream home and so close to win at the auction and a second later we lost it to someone else.

It was terrifying.

But now when we looked back. Everything was meant to be.

A year ago today we came to Melbourne full of hope. We came here for a dream. We didn’t have a great plan but we have courage. We were determined to make it happened.

Thanks to Melbourne our dream has came true. We opened our first pop up in October and we have our proper shop in Feb 2017. Everything fell in together. We have met so many great people in the past year and we thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement. We are very thankful and I don’t think I can describe our feelings in writing. We will keep on working hard to make our dreams better and greater. Our dream cannot come true without courage.

We hope you find your courage and pursue your dreams too.

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