Go Green

We’re very excited to see the Victorian government is finally going to ban single-use plastic bags in Victoria. A lot of countries around the world have stopped using plastic bags for some time, and I am glad that we’re finally doing it here in Melbourne.


In 2018 we decided to change the direction of our business slightly. We want to be more responsible for the environment. We may not be a super hero, we just don’t want to be part of the problem. As you know a lot of our products are printed here in our own studio in Melbourne. We have also worked hard to successfully minimise waste when producing our products also. Our baby swaddles and blankets are printed on organic cotton and bamboo, which is environmental friendly.

In 2018 we have decided to take it a step further, we’re changing the packaging of our products to recycled paper – items such as paper boxes and paper bags. We are making bamboo and plant based fibre coffee cups and children’s dining sets. We’re also planning to print our greeting cards and envelopes on recycled paper and remove the plastic sleeves the cards come in.ย I am still thinking how to display the greeting cards nicely on the stand, but I am sure I will get there.

Photo 6-1-18, 4 23 01 pm_preview

I am extremely passionate about protecting the environment. I feel guilty when I see photos of sea turtles or birds that have died because of our selfish waste of food, plastics, clothing etc. I know my little actions may not change the world, but I believe if we all work together we still have time to help bring about change.

Suki x

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