My First Book

ACS_0008I can’t believe I’ve published two books. Most of the time I completely forget about them, but sometimes I am like “WOW” how did I do that?

I haven’t written for a while because I am so focussed on the business, I have lost all sensitivity about what’s happening around me. In saying that, I am hoping to pick up writing again this year – so who knows maybe I’ll have a third book?


This was my first book. The english title wasn’t even right. I wrote about the funny things that happened to me when I came to Australia. The culture shock, working, living away from home, etc.

Before I came to Australia I never imagined living overseas. I was a princess when I was a child, with my dad driving me everywhere and I thought money grew from the wallet. Who wants to live away from home?

Life changed when I came here for university and I fell in love with Australia.

I remember my first impression of Australia was LAZY. I came from a city that’s 24/7, and 17 years ago shops closed here at 5pm and would not even open on a Sunday. What shocked me was the taxi driver didn’t even know where they were going – they had to read a map! Of course, this was before iPhone’s existed and I didn’t know Australia was such a big country. Who wants to live in a country like that? Other than that, Australian’s are very kind, very accepting and very funny. Although I will ask you, who puts hot chips in their burger? Are you in a hurry? Who do we shorten people’s names like David to Davo or Barry to Bazza? This has been confusing the crap out of me for a long time!

So I decided to write a book about Australia and the funny things that happened around me when I first came here. It was written in Chinese of course, because I don’t think my English was good enough back then. Even today I still think I don’t speak English most of the time. I want to show people it’s not easy living in a foreign country alone, but if you keep trying and understanding the new culture you’ll fall in love with this country!



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