As an artist & creative-mind-business-lady, my passion is about creating illustrations and products that will put a smile on people’s faces. The original and fundamental idea is to create something that I love first. Then if I am lucky, I can develop the artwork into different products. Otherwise I am just happy as it is.  To me the most important principle for a “creator” is to be true to yourself.

When people walk into my shop they straight away think this is a children shop. Honestly I don’t usually draw things specifically for children or adults. I’ve never thought of something that would make lots of money then drew it (maybe that’s why I am still very poor).

All the illustrations that you see on my website and in my shop, they’re individual drawings reflecting that moment of my life. I love colours because they make me happy and I hope my products make people happy too. Colours shouldn’t just belong to children. They belong to everyone.

As an artist, I believe, we should always focus on the originality not the commercial side. It’s very weird for me to say that because I really want to be rich and famous but if I draw solely what’s trendy and what makes money then I feel like I am a fraud – I’d rather not do it at all.

People come to me everyday and ask if I can draw specific things for them. Sometimes I have people ask for wedding invitations, children’s books, cards, posters. Sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no. It really depends.

If the reason for a drawing isn’t coming from love and passion it doesn’t really mean anything to me. When you have a really good piece of work, you can develop it and market it into different things but if you don’t even like the work you produced you won’t be able to make it into anything else – you need to love what you do!

I know it’s very contradicting coming from a business point of view but I am the soul of the business and if I don’t make something that I am truely passionate about and love, the business will have lost its soul.

I am very grateful that people love what I do. Every time when I sell something it’s like giving you my baby and knowing my babies are going to a good home. This feeling cannot be replaced.

This post means a lot to me because I explain why I do things and why there are no black and white trendy products in my shop.

Thank you for loving what I do. I really appreciate that.

Suki x

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