Family Trip to New Zealand

My parents visit Australia on every Chinese New Year so they’ve been to Australia 15 times now! My dad is even more familiar with tourist places than I am! So this year we decided to take them to New Zealand for a few days, just to make it a little bit different for them.

We went to South Island for just under a week. We drove from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo, Twizel, Wanaka, Haast, Fox Glacier, Hokitika, Greymouth then back to Christchurch. I think we drove more than a thousand kilometres, but the scenery is so beautiful that every corner is worth the hard work.  It was such a great experience. Mum and dad were a bit bored, they constantly fell asleep in the car and missed out on all the beautiful views ha!

During our short but eventful trip we saw million year old glaciers and even a few shooting stars. We saw the ocean and we saw the rainforest, such a diverse place with such beauty.
Honestly you cannot imagine how stunning it is until you see it with your own eyes. We live in a wonderful world, that is full of beauty, excitement and love. It’s so nice to surround yourself with all these things and enjoy the little moment’s with your family.
In front of all these big mountains and beautiful rivers we realised how lucky we are to have each others. The world is so big and we only have limited time on this planet – we just have to enjoy every moment.


(The beautiful star night photo is from @infarawayland because our camera was broken. Otherwise all the photos are mine)

Have a wonderful week!


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