Bamboo Dining Set

A big thank you to everyone who bought our new Bamboo Children’s Dining Set in the last 3 weeks. We received fantastic feedback on these sets, which warms our heart and we are so excited to get more stock in soon. In the meantime, preorder is available on our website.

One of the main reasons we have chosen to release the Bamboo Children’s Dining Sets is we are aiming to be more sustainable and also more environmentally friendly. The Sets are made using bamboo and plant based fibres, these are biodegradable materials that won’t harm our planet.

There are several documentaries regarding plastic and the damage it causes to our environment. Not only does plastic end up in landfill but it also ends up in our water ways, often being digested by our marine life. Just yesterday, I watched a video on a whale that had died due to illness, and once the autopsy was conducted close to 50 bags were found in its stomach. This is absolutely heartbreaking.

I’ve mentioned previously, we would like to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We are taking many other steps to reduce our footprint and work towards a more happier planet.

How do you reduce your footprint and what steps do you take?

Have a fantastic week!


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