Suki McMaster is an Sydney based Australian designer creates bright and positive homeware and stationery designs. Our goal is to provide customers with beautiful unique homeware and stationery with accessable pricing. We believe everyone deserve a beautiful homes and design should be available for everyone. We foucs on delivering exceptional customer service which makes the shopping experience enjoyable and exciting. We believe in relationships, taking care of customers, superior services and trust. 

So instead of a long boring story about my life maybe I should turn it into a Q&A?

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and grown up in Hong Kong. I came to Australia when I was 19 for uni. I studied at Monash for 2 years then I transfered to Sydney University to finished my Bachelor. I have also done a Master degree in Accounting but I hated it. I guess it’s a bit too Asian for me? I worked in the medical admin area for about 6 years (Oh my! it sounds like a long time!) but I am always doing something else beside my normal job. I was teaching Chinese Brush Painting to adults for many years. I also organized an art and craft market in Sydney inner west called Creative Lane. I am also married to a demanding man etc etc! 

  • Do you always like art and design?

Yeh. I failed my first ever art exam in Kindergartern (I still don’t understand who would failed a 3 year-old child for drawings!?) then mum sent me to art classes and since then I am always doing some sort of art and craft project. After uni, I self studied most of the things like screen prinitng, photoshop, sewing etc and I have never stop drawing and making things! I guess when you really like something you’ll make it happen.

  • What is your designs are about?

I want my design to make people happy! My designs used to be inspired by Asian and Australian desings alot. Then after I got married, maybe because I am always happy, my designs suddenly have that cute and happy vibe in them. I really hope my designs can brighten up people’s life (a little bit) I don’t want them to be just a decorative piece at home but something will put a smile on people’s face.

  • So you are a writer as well? What’s your books are about?

My first book was published in Hong Kong it was about all the funny things that I found about Australian and Australia. Australia has such a lovely unique culture which is very different from Hong Kong. When I came here many years ago, I was always have that culture shock like how can cold chips sandwiches exist?! Or why people like to shorten each others name? or completely change it? So I decided to write a book about my experiences. My second book was about my honeymoon adventures from Australia to China to Moscow to Finland to Estonia to Sweden then all the way back to Australia! It was an amazing story.

  • If you’re not a designer/ writer, what would you do?

Well. I have been teaching Chinese Brush Painting in Sydney for more than 5 years. Then I also worked as a medical receptionist for like forever. I really don’t know what I want to do if I am not a designer. Maybe a comedian? I laugh at my own jokes all the time…

  • What is your dream? 

I have a lot of dreams. Like winning the lotto, never gain weight, drive better than an typicl Asian female driver, etc. In terms of my creative career though, I wish I can be a household name one day, like Chanel? hahaha….

  • More question? 

Feel free to contact us at theboss@sukimcmaster.com or fill in the contact form on our website. We will get back to you shortly.


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