Stress to the max!

I am sitting in my shop today eating cake, drinking coffee and reading Frankie. I look normal from the outside but deep down I am freaking out!

We are going to Brisbane Finders Keepers next week and unlike the other Finders Keepers we did before, this is the first time we do inter-state market. We dropped off our stocks at the freight company on Tue and I supposed to feel relieved after that. The truth is before I packed up, I worry we don’t have enough stock. After we packed up, I worry the freight company missed part of our stocks. Now sitting in the shop I worry the weather in Brisbane next week. I worry people won’t buy. I worry people won’t come. I worry about EVERYTHING!

I know I know. I am making myself crazy. But before you think I am insane please read about what I have to deal with this month.

The bamboo swaddle I ordered in Feb supposed to arrive at the beginning of June so I can bring them to Finders Keepers but in fact they haven’t even printed yet.

The bamboo dining set – the best seller in the shop, have been delayed after delayed and people on the other side of the world are not cooperative at all. I have been organising this since November last year and things are still not here. I am so upset.

I am freaking out not only because I know they sell well and I feel like missing out but also I am going to exhibit at the trade fair in August, even if they managed to finish everything by the end of this month, it still takes a month to ship here, and my trade fair is on the 2nd of August. I don’t think I can make it and that trade fair costs me $10k.

There are other things too like training new person to work at the shop, miscommunications between orders and delivery, never-end-to-do-list, emails, invoices, housework, walking the dog, losing weight, etc the list goes on… haha

I don’t even know who’s reading this but please don’t worry about me. This blog is my outlet, it’s my personal diary to share my tears and my joy. I feel much better now writing about my stress. Everyone deal with their stress differently, I am very lucky that writing helps me feel better. The world is fair. We all have 24 hours a day. We start new the next day.


Thank you 2017

What an amazing year! We have had so much fun and really felt the love, so much love.

So let’s recap the incredible 2017, the year that was!

A standout highlight was having a space at Finders Keepers in Melbourne. So many customers visited us and took the time to wish us well. By the end of the weekend, our cheeks ached from smiling and laughing. We made new friends, laughed with old friends and had a great time.

018FEA32-8FF5-4FC8-A834-27089F96E767Our space at Finders Keepers, Melbourne!

We went on adventures to Brisbane and Sydney to check out Finders Keepers. This was to help us decide whether we should pack up and take our designs on the road in 2018 (and have a sneaky laksa in Chinatown!). Will you see us in Sydney and Brisbane next year? Stay tuned!

Our Bird Birchwood Tray and Rabbit & Ice Cream Mug make an appearance near Sydney’s greatest landmarks.

We were busy in our studio working on new products and successfully launched our soft Bamboo and Cotton Muslin Wraps, Baby Blankets, Onesies and 2018 Diaries to the delight of our customers.

B2844C3B-430D-4861-A6EF-E5A00439CE2C@itsopalrose, such a sweet and beautiful bubba, modelling our Platypus Muslin Wrap.
B10579BB-D4DC-41ED-8000-1B7C920A6212Our Cat & Bird Onesie

I also created several new designs including  Emu Mum and Baby for Mother’s Day, Cocky and Platypus to name a few! All my designs feature a special message, for example, the Platypus holding a heart and swimming in the Reef reminds us to love our Reef and take steps to protect it.

261FBFEA-B2E8-4806-B060-741905C658ACMum and Baby Emu design for Mother’s Day 2017

On the technical side of things, we launched our new website which is bright, cheerful and easy to navigate – making your online shopping experience a breeze! Along with the new website came the implementation of AfterPay. An alternative payment method that allows you to receive your purchase, then make 4 fortnightly repayments.


We have loved seeing our customers share their purchases with us on social media.

Our amazing brand reps, @placedonpoint, @happyhomestyle and @yolonatty have shared their happy homes with us throughout the year. Thank you for showcasing your gorgeous homes with my designs and inspiring us with each post. It’s been wonderful year working alongside you!

@placedonpoint                                           @happyhomestyle

Our shop celebrated it’s one year anniversary at South Melbourne Market and each week our business continues to grow. Although, sometimes we are working so hard in the business, we forget to look back and celebrate what we’ve achieved.

This year, we have made ourselves so incredibly proud!

F061DAFA-C009-4A0F-9578-DA7698ED5A68Celebrating my birthday and our success though the year!

One of the greatest things about having our shop at South Melbourne Market, is we have met so many kind people who touch our hearts everyday. There are ups and downs when you are running a business and it’s this great love we see that keeps us going. We are so very lucky to know you all, and thank you very much for making our dreams come true.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you. Have the happiest of New Year’s!


Below are our top nine photos of 2017

Written by Renee Harvie (@thehappyorganicgirlau) on behalf of Suki McMaster


One year in Melbourne


Today is our first anniversary in Melbourne. Technically we haven’t moved to Melbourne on the 17th but we were here on the 17th 2016 to sign the paper work of this house.

And it’s such a big deal!

We have been looking for houses in Melbourne for more than 6 months. Flying back and forth. Missing auctions after auctions. We were devastated. At some point we thought we’ve got our dream home and so close to win at the auction and a second later we lost it to someone else.

It was terrifying.

But now when we looked back. Everything was meant to be.

A year ago today we came to Melbourne full of hope. We came here for a dream. We didn’t have a great plan but we have courage. We were determined to make it happened.

Thanks to Melbourne our dream has came true. We opened our first pop up in October and we have our proper shop in Feb 2017. Everything fell in together. We have met so many great people in the past year and we thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement. We are very thankful and I don’t think I can describe our feelings in writing. We will keep on working hard to make our dreams better and greater. Our dream cannot come true without courage.

We hope you find your courage and pursue your dreams too.

My story – Hong Kong

Growing up in Hong Kong is very different than growing up in Australia. My husband and I always have discussion about which is a better place to grow up – Hong Kong? or Australia?

I have to admit Hong Kong has given me a lot of fun. When I was a kid I used to have heaps of snacks from Japan and other Asian countries which is not available in Australia. We have a lot of street food. We watched TV shows from around the world. We have double decker buses. We have the latest video games. We travel to other Asian countries for holiday in no time. It’s an incredible city for kids.

On the other hand growing up in Hong Kong was so much stressed. It felt like we were forever in competitions. We always have to be better, quicker, smarter than the others.  We started schools at 3 years of age while most of the kids start their school at 5 in Australia. I learn how to write my name when I was 3. I also knew how to write ABC and numbers. I am not saying it’s better. I am just saying it’s different.

Hong Kong is beautiful and unique in its own way. I love it.

My story – 6 years ago


Thanks to Facebook I found a photo of my market stall 6 years ago in Melbourne. Who would have thought I would have my own shop today?

I remember I was working at the hospital at that time. Struggling to deal with exceptionally annoying lazy colleagues everyday. Flying to Melbourne to do markets at least once a month. Just because I believed I can do better than what I was doing.

People think I was crazy but I don’t care. I was dreaming to move back to Melbourne where all the creative people are. I was so desperate to make it works. Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams. There’s no fast track you just have to keep trying. I love those time when I took all my handmade goodies from Sydney to Melbourne. I was so determined. I didn’t become a super star in the market instantly but it definitely made me realised what my dream is.