Finders Keepers Sydney


Yesterday, I boarded a plane with Renee (@thehappyorganicgirlau) to Sydney. Why? To check out the Finders Keepers market held at Barangaroo. You may recall, a few weeks back I visited the Finders Keepers in Brisbane also. I think it’s always nice to check out the market myself before I apply for the future markets .I believe only only myself can tell whether I fit in the event. It’s a lot of investment to go interstate markets, we’ll have to pay for the stall fees, the logistics, and get people to look after the shop at South Melbourne, etc etc. Lots of factors need to consider and that’s why I prefer to personally visit all these markets to see whether it’s worth it or not.


Our morning started with a quick coffee and croissant at Brunetti’s before boarding.Our flight was packed however we were both so excited for Sydney we chatted and laughed the whole way and before we knew it, we had landed.


he weather was cloudy yet still warm. We decided to stop at Circular Quay first and walk up to The Rocks to check out the markets. Stopping to admire the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it’s amazing how much you miss seeing them now we are both located in Melbourne.



Arriving at Finders Keepers in Barangaroo was quite surreal. Its been transformed completely.


Many people were waiting for the doors to open at 10am!




The feel is very different to Melbourne or Brisbane. It’s nice to see that each market has their own vibe. The space at Barangaroo is incredible, located in The Cutaway,the ceiling is high with a beautiful natural backdrop of stone to one side.


Renee xx


The Big Design Market, Melbourne


Well today Renee and I braved the crazy Melbourne weather and ventured out to The Big Design Market, held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.


Why were we crazy enough to go out in the weather? Simply put, I would love to have a stand there next year. It’s a 2018 goal for me and I wanted to see the similarities between The Big Design Market and the Finders Keepers Market, I was very surprised to see just how different the atmosphere is.


I took along one of my mugs, the Platypus, to see how it fitted in – personally I think it looks right at home!

As a Designer, I love being able to meet other Designer’s and also see what everyone is doing. We really are a creative bunch of people here in Melbourne! I purchased a lovely pair of earrings from a new and upcoming brand called Middle Child and Renee purchased a fun bracelet (as pictured).


LuxBite had their amazing treats on display, so I picked up a couple of Christmas themed tarts. LuxBite are an amazing Melbourne brand with their main shop located in South Yarra. Does the name sound familiar? Well, you may have seen their “Lolly Bag Cake” on MasterChef a few years back!


We also managed to pick up some amazing Christmas gifts, so safe to say our Christmas shopping is nearly completed which is perfect as we have a big few weeks ahead of us at Suki McMaster in the lead up to Christmas!


After a big morning at The Big Design Market, we headed to lunch at Old Town on Elizabeth Street, before a stop at the Kyo Tea House for some dessert! This little gem is located in The Emporium. We shared a dessert plate consisting of Matcha cake, Matcha ice cream, Cheesecake. It was so good, the perfect way to end the week!


Below is a shot of the Matcha Mojito!


Stay tuned for a big week ahead, and some exciting surprises.

Have an amazing week!


Christmas is about sharing the love!


Suki McMaster HQ Update – Cushion Covers off to Rizeup
This week we donated some of our bright and colourful cushion covers to a charity in Queensland called Rizeup. Rizeup is doing some amazing work to support and empower men and women affected by domestic violence. Their aim is to end domestic violence through education and creating a safe and supportive environment.

We hope our colourful designs can bring some much needed happiness, strength and empowerment to the recipient.


What’s on South Melbourne Markets
There is quite a lot happening here at South Melbourne, if you are planning a trip in – now is the time. South Melbourne Markets have a range of exciting activities for the kids (and big kids!) planned. From now until the 24th of December the following activities are planned on various days (be sure to check the South Melbourne Markets website for up to date info!

  • Salvation Army Carol Singers
  • Festive Face Painting
  • Santa’s Mailbox
  • Santa and his Elf will be popping in
  • Christmas Jazz

Also don’t forget to pop into the shop t see the Christmas Tree, Iain has made!


Black Friday SALE!
Our Black Friday sale continues today, however be quick as it ends at midnight tonight!
Perfect for those working through their Christmas shopping, save 20% on our entire online store using code CYBER17. Pick up some of our Christmas Cards, a mug for Dad, a cushion for mum – the possibilities are endless!

We also offer AfterPay as a payment method at checkout. Simply select it as an option to receive your goods, then make 4 fortnightly repayments.

What are you doing this week, how are you spreading the Christmas love?

Wishing you all a splendid week!

Renee xx

What’s new in the shop, local Australian Artists edition!


One of my dreams, is to help other Australian Artists with their business ideas and goals. As a business owner, I know the fear people can feel when taking the big step to start a business. Sourcing goods, using the right services, launching your brand all while staying within budget in the hope you will break even, or best case you start making a profit.

I am honoured to stock some amazing brands ranging from earrings to candles and skincare products. With Christmas fast approaching, and stockings needing to be filled I thought we would discuss the brands in more detail!

Bee Twomey
Based in sunny Brisbane, Bee’s earrings are all hand painted in bright and vibrant colours.
As each pair is hand painted, all designs differ meaning not only do you get a gorgeous pair of earrings, you could all consider them pieces of art! Photo by @beetwomey


Timber and Cotton – Nikelle the “#girlboss” of Timber and Cotton is located in Cairns. A fun, quirky brand that uses bright colours and lots of glitter in their accessories. We share the same love as Nikelle for bringing smiles to our customers faces! Photo by @timberandcotton


Fig and Fletcher – Shani, the creator of accessories brand Fig and Fletcher lives in Adelaide with her Husband and Son. Shani creates funky jewellery and kids decor. Photo by fig_and_fletcher


Ena Products – The concept for Ena Products was created by Lindy in a completely different country, Peru! Completely changing careers and life paths, Lindy started a journey into health as she enjoyed making people feel good. Fast forward 10 years and Lindy now has a gorgeous range of products featuring natural ingredients with no nasties. Plus they smell divine! Photo by @sukimcmaster


Cleanse by Hepzabeth- As a child, Hepzabeth was introduced to the art of soap making by her Grandmother. Based in Sydney, Hepzabeth crafts all soaps by hand and in small batches. This ensures the soap holds its integrity. Her brand is simple, she stands for honest, handcrafted, natural products made with love for people to enjoy. Photo by @cleansebyhepzabeth


Belash Soy Candles – In 2014, Bel was looking for something magical. As a fan of candles, Bel decided to funnel her love and turn it into a passion – Bel became a candle maker! Calling South Australia home, Bel creates candles inspired by places in her home state. Beautiful scents such as Adelaide Espresso or Mt Lofty Ranges. Her soy candles will delight the senses. Photo by @belashsoycandles


Che Sara Soy Candles – A mother and daughter team, located in Melbourne and offering hand poured soy candles inspired by the Italian summer. Che Sara offers beautiful scents such as Fico (Fig) and Basilico E Cetriolo (Basil and Cucumber), that will be sure to transport you to the Italian coastline in a heartbeat. Photo by @che_sara_


We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog! Have a fantastic weekend,

Renee Harvie x

Finders Keepers Brisbane


Hello Brisbane!

Well as you know, yesterday morning I boarded a plane bound for Brisbane. This is an exciting trip for me because not only is this my first time travelling to Brisbane alone, I also checked out the most famous Finders Keepers market!
It’s interesting how Finders Keepers differ from state to state. When I arrived at the Brisbane Show Grounds, I immediately felt relaxed and the easy going Australian spirit was evident at the market. Everyone is here to have a great day.
Needless to say, all the stalls were amazing. I saw some familiar faces from Finders Keepers Melbourne but the number of amazing stalls here at Brisbane is crazy!

I arrived at 10am and the market was already so crowded – to the point I couldn’t even take any photos! To those of you who aren’t aware, I am only 5ft, so technically there were lots of people but really all I could see were people’s bums. 😭
So you ask me, why was I at Finders Keepers Brisbane for just a few short hours? Am I that crazy? I came to the Market to see if we should apply for next year’s Brisbane market. Since we don’t have any family and friends in Brisbane, it’s a lot to ask to come all the way here.
When exhibiting at a big market like this, there is a lot more involved than packing some suitcases. We need to plan the logistics, accomodation, stock levels, our time and most importantly MONEY.
The good news is, we will be giving this a go for next year and aim to be accepted. Wish us luck, fingers crossed!
Suki x
P. S Don’t forget all online orders received until tonight (12/11 at 11.59am) will receive a 5 pack of Christmas Cards!

BYOCC – Bring Your Own Coffee Cup



You can get your own personalised coffee mugs at our South Melbourne Store and online now.



Do you know it is estimated that Australians use a billion takeaway coffee cups a year, the majority of which cannot be recycled?

It’s a shocking number isn’t it? I didn’t know takeaway cup cannot be recycled! It’s such a shame that we’re doing so much damage to the planet just for our convenience. I think the biggest threat of the planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Why don’t we start using our own cups today? Let’s bring our own coffee cups to work from now? You may think an individual can only do so much but small steps create change.

What we save, save us.




One year in Melbourne


Today is our first anniversary in Melbourne. Technically we haven’t moved to Melbourne on the 17th but we were here on the 17th 2016 to sign the paper work of this house.

And it’s such a big deal!

We have been looking for houses in Melbourne for more than 6 months. Flying back and forth. Missing auctions after auctions. We were devastated. At some point we thought we’ve got our dream home and so close to win at the auction and a second later we lost it to someone else.

It was terrifying.

But now when we looked back. Everything was meant to be.

A year ago today we came to Melbourne full of hope. We came here for a dream. We didn’t have a great plan but we have courage. We were determined to make it happened.

Thanks to Melbourne our dream has came true. We opened our first pop up in October and we have our proper shop in Feb 2017. Everything fell in together. We have met so many great people in the past year and we thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement. We are very thankful and I don’t think I can describe our feelings in writing. We will keep on working hard to make our dreams better and greater. Our dream cannot come true without courage.

We hope you find your courage and pursue your dreams too.

You are better than Unicorn

My new print You are better than unicorn.

I have lots of young girls admiring my unicorn print – Be Magical everyday. I know. Unicorn is magical. It’s sparkle.  It’s special. But sometimes I just want to tell them you’re so much better than unicorn. Aim high and be yourself.

Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have some incredible ideas for Mother’s Day gifts!

styled by @jess_eclecticcreative .

This year I have illustrated an Emu mum giving her little one a kiss for our Mother’s Day products theme. As mother’s day illustration usually full of love hearts and bears I decided to give a little bit more Aussie “accent” in my illustration.

This illustration is printed on card, cushion and mug. They are all available on my website and in store and the mug can be personalized as well.

When’s my last update?

Styled by @jess_eclecticcreative

Wow! Where did I go? I was absent for exactly a month!

To tell you the truth. No where. I am at work everyday and if I am not at the shop I am working at home. Sometimes it feels like it’s all working but no thinking? I am so concentrate on what I’ve got in front of me and I forgot to look at the big picture. Everyday I am looking at what I need to draw, what’s out of stock, what do I need to write on Instagram, what do I need to put on the website. The list is forever long but I only have limited time.

Hopefully I can get back on track with the blog and more importantly my time management.