More new products!

Honestly I have all these amazing products at the pop up shop but I am too busy to put them on the! And also everytime I put something up they usually sold out straight away! So I am really sorry for not updating the online shop quick enough! I still haven’t finished updating yet but at least the prints and the baby bibs are up to date now! 

Some update finally!

We have been super-duper busy this month! It’s really crazy!

First of all we have to organize enough stocks for the pop up next week. We also have to think about the layout and decoration about the shop! When we finally think we are done. We realized we have to do it all again for Finders Keepers which is even scarier if you have been Finders Keepers before! We have no idea how many stocks we should bring. What to expect. How to decorate. Everything is unknown!!

To top it up. Right before all these begins, we are going to Sydney to attend an engagement party! So we are losing three days for preparation.

Anyway. I think we are on the right track now. Just a few minor things to do and that’s it. We are ready!

Tea Towel Result!


Wow!! It’s been an exciting week here at our studio! I can never imagine so many people came along and participated in the voting for our tea towels!! Thank you VERY much!! You guys are amazing!

So we have the result here! You can see how close the votes are. Tea towels 3,4 and 7 received the same number of votes! The result was very different at its early stage but the Whale tea towel(Number 1) is a clear winner all the way!

These tea towels are all my babies. I couldn’t pick the best one without your help so thank you very much for your vote. I really appreciate it!


These 4 tea towels are our winners and we will be printing them soon! After printing we still need to cut and sew them so it will be still awhile until they are available.

Stay tuned! We will let you know as soon as they’re ready on our website!!

For those who have voted last week I will be mailing our calendars shortly. Please keep an eye on your letter box!

Thank you again!

Suki x

We need your help!


We are printing some tea towel for our Christmas stocks and we are having trouble to decide which ones to print!

We would like to know which one is your favourite! Simply head to our website voting page and fill in the form!

To appreciate your help we will be sending you a copy of our 2017 calendar as a present! Yes that’s right! Everyone gets one!
*Voting ends 28 August 2016.
** Australian residents only.




Yes! I am so excited!

I was supposed to tell you this big news when it’s closer to the opening date but I can’t hide my happiness anymore!

We Are Opening A Pop Up Shop Soon!

I got the confirmation yeterday and our pop up shop will be at South Melbourne Maret from 5 Oct to 27 Nov! (champagne please!) I am sure there will be more nervous and challenges kick in later on but now let’s forget the worry and celebrate!

To celebrate this wonderful day I am offering my followers 20% OFF storewide this weekend.  Please use 3D567E57 at check out.

New Prints!


I am so excited about my new prints! The look fantastic!

Do you know all my illustrations have a story behind? If you go to my website, you can see on my product description I usually write a little quote or something that explain why I drew that illustration. It is because I want my prints and products are not just a decoration piece at your home. I want them to mean something to you.

This week I have two new prints on my website.


Sweet Dreams is my a beautiful sweet illustration featuring a bunny sleeping on the back of a deer. It is sweet. It feels safe. I looks like little miss bunny is having a sweet dream. No matter what your dream is. Stay positive. Work hard and make your dream comes true.

Modern home decor with frame and interior objects, design ready poster mock-up

My second new print is Live Love Sparkle. The drawing was done last year for my best friend’s birthday present. It was printed on a mug without quote. When I was at the market few weeks ago a customer asked me if I can put some words on it. So I thought if I have to send this print to my friend what would I say to her? And Live Love Sparkle is exactly what I want to say. Fall in love. Have a laugh. Live your life full and don’t be afraid to sparkle.

Anyway, hope you like them!

Suki xx



2k followers Giveaway!


To celebrate we reached more than 2000 followers on Instagram we are giving away this beautiful Happy Home package! It included sukimcmaster  cushion, birchwood trays, mug and print. A Watermelon & Apple 50 hours soy candle from Amali Soy Candle Co  A Sweet Candy Planter from Urban_Decor_Homewares and Natural Leather Strap Set for Shelving from Interior Motives Au.

To enter: Follow Suki McMaster Facebook page and share this photo on your feed. SIMPLE!

This giveaway opens 8pm AEST Wed 20th July and ends 8pm AEST Sun 24th July. Winner will be announced within 48 hours of the giveaway closing. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered or endorsed by Facebook. By entering you confirm that you are 16+ years or over and are adhering to Facebook.

Good Luck everyone!

Introducing Amali Soy Candles Co.

Image styled by @silverspoonhome

Amali Soy Candles Co. is now available on our website! Sydneysider Amy Cauchi is the talented girl behind all these wonderful fragrance. Each & every Amali candle is hand poured using only 100% puresoy wax and no nasty additives. She use lead and toxin free, 100%cotton wicks to ensure an environmentally harmless burn.

Image styled by @silverspoonhome

Very often we bought stuffs online (or even offline) without knowing what we’re buying and who we’re supporting. We’ve done a little interview with Amy here so that we can understand a bit more about the brand :

Q1. I love your fruity beautiful fragrant candles! And to me it’s a big stand out from other candles makers. What inspired you to make them? 

Amy: I’ve always personally opted for the more ‘delicious’ smelling candles over the ‘perfumy’ type; I want to only sell products that I truly love myself and believe 100% in. That being said, I do try to make sure I’m always offering a diverse range of vessels, fragrances and labels to suit almost every taste & style.

Q2. Having a small business is so challenging but I would love to talk about the bright side of the business. What was the best experience you have since you started Amali Soy Candle?

Amy: My business is mostly online based, Instagram being the most successful for me, so I would have to say that the highlight of running Amali over the past almost 2 years would have to be the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ and interacting with on almost a daily basis. Some of these people I’ve even since met in person and am lucky enough to now call them my friends.

Suki: Yes I agree! Social media is a wonderful thing! I’ve “met” so many amazing people on Instagram and Facebook who are so supportive and sweet. Knowing all these people believes in my products makes me keep on going.

Q3. What’s your plan for Amali Soy Candle Co?

Amy: My plan is to keep on growing & evolving everyday. What’s on trend today may not be on trend tomorrow so you have to be willing to adapt and have the ability to jump onto things before anybody else does. That’s what sets successful businesses apart from the rest in my opinion. I would also love to secure more bricks & mortar and also online stockists and see Amali in stores all around Australia, and even potentially around the world!

Suki: Sometimes when I am designing my products I do worry about what’s on trend and what’s not. It’s like when everyone is buying watermelon design and I thought to myself “should I draw watermelon?” but then it’s like what Amy said “you have to be willing to adapt and have the ability to jump onto things before anybody else does” so I rather create my own trend and be myself. I am very happy to know there are people out there want to be different and believe they can do it.

I am very excited to work with Amy. I believe her beautiful sweet candles are perfect match with our products. We hope they will bring you a happy home!

Image styled by

Looking for timber goodies?


We found the beautiful Kasoobi products on Instagram the other day and we instantly fell in love with all their pretty customised timber sign and accessories!

Sarah Maddison is the creative mind behind Kasoobi. She does all the design and cut by herself at her Echuca/ Moama studio. The timber is eco-friendly and non toxic and made with no added chemicals. It’s very nice to know small business are trying to do their part in the environmental protection.



Our timber sign for our new home and a business cards holder from Kasoobi arrived in beautiful packaging and they are all so lovely! Can’t wait to order more!