Daisy and Me

Daisy when she was 3 months

Some of you may know I have a furbaby called Daisy. She turned 2 a few days ago, I honestly think she’s one of my biggest achievements.

I used to be very afraid of dogs when I was a kid, I was chased by dogs all the time – it was crazy. Mum didn’t let us have pets, so I grew up terrified of animals. It wasn’t until I met my husband and he helped me to understand that animals are amazing and humans are terrible 😀 I am also surprised that she is still alive, because I’ve never grown anything. I can’t even keep my cactus alive!

We adopted daisy when she was 3 months old and she changed our lives forever. Daisy came from a family in country Victoria where her first owner had a Boxer already. Unfortunately the Boxer didn’t get along with Daisy so they needed to rehome her.

We are extremely lucky to have Daisy, she seriously has helped me to a better person. I could never imagine I would be chatting to people about my dog as I used to be very anti-social and hated walking. Now I talk to everyone (about my dog) and go to the park 3 times A DAY!

I think Daisy has transformed me into a more patient and understanding person. She teaches me how to use my heart to understand not just what I see with my eyes. She also makes me understand how important time is. We all know dogs only live for a short time and of course I want her to have the best time!