See you in Brisbane!


Finders Keepers Brisbane here we come!!!

This is going to be our first time to showcase at Brisbane and I am so excited!!! We still haven’t figure out how to get there yet with so many products but yay!! I am sure we’ll sort this out at the end! I think same as every single market I’ve been to, I am starting to get worried about the sales, the set up, the stock, everything, so fingers crossed for us!!!

Can’t wait to meet all my Brisbane followers!


Happy 2018

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year with their family and friends!
We feel refreshed after our little break in Sydney and we’re ready for an exciting year ahead!

We are excited for 2018 as it is shaping up to be one of our biggest years yet! We are planning on making some changes to our product range which will see several new products and new designs.

Photo 6-1-18, 4 23 01 pm_preview
Something I am extremely passionate about is the environment and our impact on earth. As such changes are being made to our packaging so we are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Photo 6-1-18, 4 29 30 pm_preview

We’re planning to apply for more big markets and events nationally, like Finders Keepers, The Big Design Markets and One Fine Baby. It may sound crazy to talk about all these events at the beginning of the year, but honestly there are is so much involved when you’re exhibiting around the country. Money is the main thing however logistics, staff and other resources are also very important. We need to plan ahead!

Photo 6-1-18, 4 22 35 pm_preview

We will also be focusing on the wholesale side of the business, meeting with new retailers and building important relationships. We are wanting to get our products into retail stores around Australia and hopefully around the world.
If you know any retail stores that would like to carry our product range please feel free to forward my contact information onto them.

Photo 6-1-18, 4 24 27 pm_preview
A few years ago, before we moved to Melbourne, we showed at Life InStyle and Reed Gift Fair  . I can’t say it wasn’t a success however we didn’t receive many return orders. I put this down to the fact we hadn’t defined our brand. Our product choices were very limited also.
Since opening the shop at South Melbourne Market, I know exactly what business owners want and who my target market is. Now is the time to go back to the trade fairs and reintroduce Suki McMaster to other retailers. Now is the time to make this happen!

This is going to be an amazing year for us! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram.
I can’t wait to share more news with you in the future.

Suki x

Written in conjunction with Renee Harvie (@thehappyorganicgirlau)


Finders Keepers Sydney


Yesterday, I boarded a plane with Renee (@thehappyorganicgirlau) to Sydney. Why? To check out the Finders Keepers market held at Barangaroo. You may recall, a few weeks back I visited the Finders Keepers in Brisbane also. I think it’s always nice to check out the market myself before I apply for the future markets .I believe only only myself can tell whether I fit in the event. It’s a lot of investment to go interstate markets, we’ll have to pay for the stall fees, the logistics, and get people to look after the shop at South Melbourne, etc etc. Lots of factors need to consider and that’s why I prefer to personally visit all these markets to see whether it’s worth it or not.


Our morning started with a quick coffee and croissant at Brunetti’s before boarding.Our flight was packed however we were both so excited for Sydney we chatted and laughed the whole way and before we knew it, we had landed.


he weather was cloudy yet still warm. We decided to stop at Circular Quay first and walk up to The Rocks to check out the markets. Stopping to admire the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it’s amazing how much you miss seeing them now we are both located in Melbourne.



Arriving at Finders Keepers in Barangaroo was quite surreal. Its been transformed completely.


Many people were waiting for the doors to open at 10am!




The feel is very different to Melbourne or Brisbane. It’s nice to see that each market has their own vibe. The space at Barangaroo is incredible, located in The Cutaway,the ceiling is high with a beautiful natural backdrop of stone to one side.


Renee xx

Finders Keepers Brisbane


Hello Brisbane!

Well as you know, yesterday morning I boarded a plane bound for Brisbane. This is an exciting trip for me because not only is this my first time travelling to Brisbane alone, I also checked out the most famous Finders Keepers market!
It’s interesting how Finders Keepers differ from state to state. When I arrived at the Brisbane Show Grounds, I immediately felt relaxed and the easy going Australian spirit was evident at the market. Everyone is here to have a great day.
Needless to say, all the stalls were amazing. I saw some familiar faces from Finders Keepers Melbourne but the number of amazing stalls here at Brisbane is crazy!

I arrived at 10am and the market was already so crowded – to the point I couldn’t even take any photos! To those of you who aren’t aware, I am only 5ft, so technically there were lots of people but really all I could see were people’s bums. 😭
So you ask me, why was I at Finders Keepers Brisbane for just a few short hours? Am I that crazy? I came to the Market to see if we should apply for next year’s Brisbane market. Since we don’t have any family and friends in Brisbane, it’s a lot to ask to come all the way here.
When exhibiting at a big market like this, there is a lot more involved than packing some suitcases. We need to plan the logistics, accomodation, stock levels, our time and most importantly MONEY.
The good news is, we will be giving this a go for next year and aim to be accepted. Wish us luck, fingers crossed!
Suki x
P. S Don’t forget all online orders received until tonight (12/11 at 11.59am) will receive a 5 pack of Christmas Cards!

Finders Keepers


I can’t believe Finders Keepers was a week ago now! It felt like it was only yesterday!

We had a fantastic time at Finders Keepers! If you’re thinking about applying it? Go for it. It’s really worth it. If you have a lot of products like me. Maybe you should jump straight to a bigger stall. It’s much easier to plan and it looks so much better with a bigger stall! You will make your money back anyway so why not?

This is so small that I can’t even turn around! If I eat too much for breakfast I probably won’t fit in!!

Another thing I was really concern before the show was -how much stock should I bring? It said there were more than 9000 people came to the show last time! So I am really concern how much stock is enough? After three days of the market , I realized that unless you have a truck load of stocks it’s never going to be enough and you’ll never know what is going to sell best at the market. I sold out all the mugs the first night. I send message to my husband and asked him to print more mug so I can bring them in the next day! So the next day I brought in heaps of mugs and I sold NO MUGS! 😱 what the hell? I sold more than 60 prints on the second day and some of the prints were sold out. So I brought in more print the next day! And yes again I sold only a few prints. I sold mainly the cushions on Sunday! So the conclusion is YOU NEVER KNOW!


If you’re attending Finders Keepers the first time make sure you have your brand printed out big and bright. Make sure you have heaps of business cards. Plan your display at home at least 2 or 3 times at home. Make sure you can get in and out of your stall. Have a plan B. Finger crossed for you!!


Some update finally!

We have been super-duper busy this month! It’s really crazy!

First of all we have to organize enough stocks for the pop up next week. We also have to think about the layout and decoration about the shop! When we finally think we are done. We realized we have to do it all again for Finders Keepers which is even scarier if you have been Finders Keepers before! We have no idea how many stocks we should bring. What to expect. How to decorate. Everything is unknown!!

To top it up. Right before all these begins, we are going to Sydney to attend an engagement party! So we are losing three days for preparation.

Anyway. I think we are on the right track now. Just a few minor things to do and that’s it. We are ready!