Melbourne We Love You!

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It’s been two years since we move from Sydney to Melbourne and WE ARE LOVING IT!

Two years ago we moved to Melbourne for a dream. Now I think about it I realised how crazy this idea was. We came here to chase a dream – to open a shop, to have a successful business and to be rich and famous 😀

We were very lucky that we’re making a great progress towards our dream and we’re very thankful to all the people that encourage us and support us all the way. Living in a new city is hard and running a business is even harder. Melbourne has given us the best opportunity to shine and I cannot believe how far we have came.

Thank you. Thank you all for all the generous support, kindness and friendship.

The Big Design Market, Melbourne


Well today Renee and I braved the crazy Melbourne weather and ventured out to The Big Design Market, held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.


Why were we crazy enough to go out in the weather? Simply put, I would love to have a stand there next year. It’s a 2018 goal for me and I wanted to see the similarities between The Big Design Market and the Finders Keepers Market, I was very surprised to see just how different the atmosphere is.


I took along one of my mugs, the Platypus, to see how it fitted in – personally I think it looks right at home!

As a Designer, I love being able to meet other Designer’s and also see what everyone is doing. We really are a creative bunch of people here in Melbourne! I purchased a lovely pair of earrings from a new and upcoming brand called Middle Child and Renee purchased a fun bracelet (as pictured).


LuxBite had their amazing treats on display, so I picked up a couple of Christmas themed tarts. LuxBite are an amazing Melbourne brand with their main shop located in South Yarra. Does the name sound familiar? Well, you may have seen their “Lolly Bag Cake” on MasterChef a few years back!


We also managed to pick up some amazing Christmas gifts, so safe to say our Christmas shopping is nearly completed which is perfect as we have a big few weeks ahead of us at Suki McMaster in the lead up to Christmas!


After a big morning at The Big Design Market, we headed to lunch at Old Town on Elizabeth Street, before a stop at the Kyo Tea House for some dessert! This little gem is located in The Emporium. We shared a dessert plate consisting of Matcha cake, Matcha ice cream, Cheesecake. It was so good, the perfect way to end the week!


Below is a shot of the Matcha Mojito!


Stay tuned for a big week ahead, and some exciting surprises.

Have an amazing week!


Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have some incredible ideas for Mother’s Day gifts!

styled by @jess_eclecticcreative .

This year I have illustrated an Emu mum giving her little one a kiss for our Mother’s Day products theme. As mother’s day illustration usually full of love hearts and bears I decided to give a little bit more Aussie “accent” in my illustration.

This illustration is printed on card, cushion and mug. They are all available on my website and in store and the mug can be personalized as well.

When’s my last update?

Styled by @jess_eclecticcreative

Wow! Where did I go? I was absent for exactly a month!

To tell you the truth. No where. I am at work everyday and if I am not at the shop I am working at home. Sometimes it feels like it’s all working but no thinking? I am so concentrate on what I’ve got in front of me and I forgot to look at the big picture. Everyday I am looking at what I need to draw, what’s out of stock, what do I need to write on Instagram, what do I need to put on the website. The list is forever long but I only have limited time.

Hopefully I can get back on track with the blog and more importantly my time management.

Easter Giveaway



It’s giveaway time!!


We are giving away a free A4 Limited Edition Easter Print for every purcahse over $80 online and instore from 5-16 April 2017!!

Want more? We are also giving an Easter prize pack full of my handpicked favourites?

Well all you have to do is sign up our newsletter or come down to my Shop 217 at South Melbourne Markets and leave your details, these school holidays to go into the draw! I’d love to meet you!

The amazing prize pack included:

1x A3 limited edition Easter print
1x mug of your choice
1x rabbit birchwood tray
1x notebook
and of course some chocolate!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hello from the other side

Hello from Hong Kong!! I am so excited to see my little brother getting married on Sunday! Renee, my wonderful friend, will be working at the shop at South Melbourne Market from today until I come back. She is the nicest person I’ve ever work with. I am sure she’ll bring more happiness to the shop!

My story – 6 years ago


Thanks to Facebook I found a photo of my market stall 6 years ago in Melbourne. Who would have thought I would have my own shop today?

I remember I was working at the hospital at that time. Struggling to deal with exceptionally annoying lazy colleagues everyday. Flying to Melbourne to do markets at least once a month. Just because I believed I can do better than what I was doing.

People think I was crazy but I don’t care. I was dreaming to move back to Melbourne where all the creative people are. I was so desperate to make it works. Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams. There’s no fast track you just have to keep trying. I love those time when I took all my handmade goodies from Sydney to Melbourne. I was so determined. I didn’t become a super star in the market instantly but it definitely made me realised what my dream is.

We’re back!

Our pop up shop at South Melbourne Market will be back from this Wed 14 Dec to the end of Jan 2017!


We are very lucky to have the opportunity to be back at South Melbourne Market! We had a great time when we had our first pop up at So:Me space. The response from the public was massive! I am extremely honoured to be loved by so many local and people around the world. The nicest feeling is when we have returned customers. For a long time I was in doubt whether I am doing the right thing. I was a CPA accountant by trade and to leave my full time job to do this is such  massive decision for me and my husband. The pop up shop in the last two months certainly gave me the confidence that I have made the right decision. When I see more and more people came back to my shop and some people even brought their friends and family it is a really good feeling.

I’ll write a bit more of what I’ve learn from the pop up shop later. I better get back to prepare the pop up this Wed!

Ciao for now.

Suki x

Looking for extra special present? 

What we have learnt from our pop up shop is most of our customers are looking for a present for their friends. Since we are printing our mugs now we thought it might be a good idea to offer customized mugs for our customers? We have a great responds at Finders Keepers last week and we are thrilled to let you know the custom option is now available on our website!

To order the costinized mug is easy. Find the mug you like and choose “custom order” at option menu. Let us know what you like to print at the comment section at check out. We will email you to confirm the order and ittakes about a week to print. 
You can visit our website at to view our full mugs range.

Finders Keepers


I can’t believe Finders Keepers was a week ago now! It felt like it was only yesterday!

We had a fantastic time at Finders Keepers! If you’re thinking about applying it? Go for it. It’s really worth it. If you have a lot of products like me. Maybe you should jump straight to a bigger stall. It’s much easier to plan and it looks so much better with a bigger stall! You will make your money back anyway so why not?

This is so small that I can’t even turn around! If I eat too much for breakfast I probably won’t fit in!!

Another thing I was really concern before the show was -how much stock should I bring? It said there were more than 9000 people came to the show last time! So I am really concern how much stock is enough? After three days of the market , I realized that unless you have a truck load of stocks it’s never going to be enough and you’ll never know what is going to sell best at the market. I sold out all the mugs the first night. I send message to my husband and asked him to print more mug so I can bring them in the next day! So the next day I brought in heaps of mugs and I sold NO MUGS! đŸ˜± what the hell? I sold more than 60 prints on the second day and some of the prints were sold out. So I brought in more print the next day! And yes again I sold only a few prints. I sold mainly the cushions on Sunday! So the conclusion is YOU NEVER KNOW!


If you’re attending Finders Keepers the first time make sure you have your brand printed out big and bright. Make sure you have heaps of business cards. Plan your display at home at least 2 or 3 times at home. Make sure you can get in and out of your stall. Have a plan B. Finger crossed for you!!