We love Japan!

I honestly can’t see any reason to dislike Japan. It’s such a safe country and you feel welcome all the time.

We started off from Tokyo and caught the train to Yudanaka, Nagano to see the monkey in the hot springs. Unfortunately the day we went was too hot so no monkey want to have a hot bath and either did my father in law! 😭 We booked a really good hot spring space, where you have your private hot tub on the balcony but he only tried it once! Meanwhile in the other room jumped in over 8 times🤣 definitely  worth the money for me!

After spending a luxury night at Yudanaka we caught the train to Kanazawa which is a little town on the west side of Japan and famous for its traditional housing and the Kenrokuen Garden.

We were very lucky to have beautiful weather to enjoy the park on that day. I can imagine how beautiful and busy the park could be when it comes to cherry blossom season. The number of gardens in Japan are crazy and even normal people have a beautiful Japanese garden in their backyard. I wonder how many people are gardeners in Japan??

After a short stay in Kanazawa we headed to Kyoto.

It’s a beautiful city full of culture and elegancy. It’s very modern around Kyoto station but once you walk to the other side of the town it’s like your world has transformed into old elegant movie like scenes.

During our stay at Kyoto we also made a short trip to Nara where you can feed wild deer at Nara park.

“According to the legendary history of Kasuga Shrine, the god Takemikazuchi arrived in Nara on a white deer to guard the newly built capital of Heijō-kyō.[20] Since then the deer have been regarded as heavenly animals, protecting the city and the country. (Wikipedia)”

It’s such a nice feeling to see that the wild deer and humans can be in one place so peacefully. And that’s how the world should be. No cruelty.

And that’s the whole feeling about Japan. Although I don’t agree with their whale hunting policy, I feel extremely peaceful in this country even when we are in the car. The drivers seem to be very patient and the road and it’s incredibly quiet. You can’t hear people talking really loud on the train, there’s not a single piece of rubbish on the ground, even children seem to behave so well in this country. I wonder how they do that?

Another thing about Japan I just noticed is everyone is so skinny, I have never seen anyone wear gym pants. In fact I don’t even see a gym at all 😱 especially with all the yummy food here how do they not get fat???

A brief stay in Japan won’t help me understand all these but it’s nice to have an idea what other cultures are like. When I was on the train I think to myself Japan is such a wonderful country the Japanese doesn’t need to leave the country at all. They have everything. However if you never go outside to see the world you will never understand other cultures. If you never wander you will never realise how good your country is.