BYOCC – Bring Your Own Coffee Cup



You can get your own personalised coffee mugs at our South Melbourne Store and online now. 



Do you know it is estimated that Australians use a billion takeaway coffee cups a year, the majority of which cannot be recycled?

It’s a shocking number isn’t it? I didn’t know takeaway cup cannot be recycled! It’s such a shame that we’re doing so much damage to the planet just for our convenience. I think the biggest threat of the planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Why don’t we start using our own cups today? Let’s bring our own coffee cups to work from now? You may think an individual can only do so much but small steps create change.

What we save, save us.





One year in Melbourne


Today is our first anniversary in Melbourne. Technically we haven’t moved to Melbourne on the 17th but we were here on the 17th 2016 to sign the paper work of this house.

And it’s such a big deal!

We have been looking for houses in Melbourne for more than 6 months. Flying back and forth. Missing auctions after auctions. We were devastated. At some point we thought we’ve got our dream home and so close to win at the auction and a second later we lost it to someone else.

It was terrifying.

But now when we looked back. Everything was meant to be.

A year ago today we came to Melbourne full of hope. We came here for a dream. We didn’t have a great plan but we have courage. We were determined to make it happened.

Thanks to Melbourne our dream has came true. We opened our first pop up in October and we have our proper shop in Feb 2017. Everything fell in together. We have met so many great people in the past year and we thank you for all the positive feedback and encouragement. We are very thankful and I don’t think I can describe our feelings in writing. We will keep on working hard to make our dreams better and greater. Our dream cannot come true without courage.

We hope you find your courage and pursue your dreams too.

You are better than Unicorn

My new print You are better than unicorn.

I have lots of young girls admiring my unicorn print – Be Magical everyday. I know. Unicorn is magical. It’s sparkle.  It’s special. But sometimes I just want to tell them you’re so much better than unicorn. Aim high and be yourself.

Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have some incredible ideas for Mother’s Day gifts!

This year I have illustrated an Emu mum giving her little one a kiss for our Mother’s Day products theme. As mother’s day illustration usually full of love hearts and bears I decided to give a little bit more Aussie “accent” in my illustration.

This illustration is printed on card, cushion and mug. They are all available on my website and in store and the mug can be personalized as well.

When’s my last update?


Styled by @jess_eclecticcreative

Wow! Where did I go? I was absent for exactly a month!

To tell you the truth. No where. I am at work everyday and if I am not at the shop I am working at home. Sometimes it feels like it’s all working but no thinking? I am so concentrate on what I’ve got in front of me and I forgot to look at the big picture. Everyday I am looking at what I need to draw, what’s out of stock, what do I need to write on Instagram, what do I need to put on the website. The list is forever long but I only have limited time.

Hopefully I can get back on track with the blog and more importantly my time management.

Easter Giveaway



It’s giveaway time!!


We are giving away a free A4 Limited Edition Easter Print for every purcahse over $80 online and instore from 5-16 April 2017!!

Want more? We are also giving an Easter prize pack full of my handpicked favourites?

Well all you have to do is sign up our newsletter or come down to my Shop 217 at South Melbourne Markets and leave your details, these school holidays to go into the draw! I’d love to meet you!

The amazing prize pack included:

1x A3 limited edition Easter print
1x mug of your choice
1x rabbit birchwood tray
1x notebook
and of course some chocolate!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Home is

Luxurious Red Leather Couch In Front Of A Blank Wall

Home is wherever I am with you print is available on my website. 

It’s nice to be back to Australia. It’s nice to see everyone especially my Daisy girl! I am in Sydney for a day and will fly back to Melbourne first thing in the morning then straight back to work!

Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne.

I guess home is wherever I am with you is what I want to say.